Our activities are mainly concentrated in the following areas.


A. Various support services based on TPS/Lean and Information Technology

for " Business Management Reform", " Compact Production Management"

 and "Software Development Process Reform" etc.

  Open seminars and lectures

  Closed seminars for multi-client with practice of case method workshop.


B. Special projects and events to create useful privileges /services for our members.

   Special seminar in which a leading expert a relevant field is invited to offer       lectures to members.

   University "Trivia" for the various theme such as Art, Culture, Economy etc., regardless of the genre.

   Study & Research for automotive industry issues, global environment,

smart grit, etc., regarding MONOZUKURI(Making products), management and IT environment, by the person with relevant knowledge and experience.

   Specific lecture, research, lodging together(Camp), cross industry exchange

meetings, overseas study missions, business alliances, brain-storming between members and various planning for member's QOL(Quality of Life).