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Profile of ESD21

①ESD21 ; Abbreviation of our Association

 -Non Profit Organization founded in 2010
 -Corporate Members: 70, as 「Corporate Member's list」 and
  Individual Members: 120 from leading industries in Japan).

② Mission:

 -"Kaizen & Innovation" of the people for business competitiveness.

③ Activities:

 Various support services based on TPS (Toyota Production System) ,
 and IT(Information Technology)and various special project events,
 such as:
 1) Seminar(Development people of creative ideas and practical skills)
 2) Member service like Myanmar study mission & investment seminar
 3) Consultation-Alliance and Co-operation with other firms.

④ Board Members:

 ● Chairman, Mr. Tadaaki JAGAWA (Former Vice president of TOYOTA
   Motor and president/Chairman of HINO Motors.)
 ● Managing Director, Satoshi KUROIWA (Former TOYOTA Motor),
  -Worked for Toyota for 34 years and had experience in the car
   production preparation engineering together with  IT engineering
  -Specialized in Factory Automation and IT enhanced TPS (1980~2000)
  -Involved in associations related to Japan's IT strategy organized METI
    (The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  -Visiting professor of Nagoya /Kyusyu Institute of Technology (12 years)
  -Now, working for NPOs, such as ESD21 and APSOM and TMS & TPS certification institute
  -Visiting professor of Nagoya /Kyusyu Institute of Technology (12 years)
 ● Executive Advisor&Director, Mr. Akio SUZUKI
   Former TOYOTA TSUSHO CORPORATION with over 40 years experience
   in international business transaction and management.


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